Musical Mastodon

This half-scale mastodon is constructed of fabricated steel contains hollow rib sections filled with loose media of different mesh size. Rotational in movement, users can “rattle” their way into history, all the while steering the large mammal’s vision via the kaleidoscope wheel. Designed for the Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum at the University of Michigan, these musical flowers are one of five interactive components proposed to increase children’s exposure to the idea of playing with sound early on in their development.

Floating Cabin

Single floating stair set for a micro-cabin utilizes reclaimed train track to support each of the steel treads and back plate via minimal center support. Distressed semi-transparent grey patina compliments blonde hardwood treads.

Google Android

Proposed large scale Google Android sculpture for corner courtyard placement overlooking Liberty St. at Google headquarters in Ann Arbor. Structural steel and aluminum framework capped and sheeted with aluminum sheet work including large hemispherical forming. Skin finished in a two-stage PPG urethane with epoxy primer base. Designed for modular construction with less than 3500 lb. roof load on 100 sq. ft. footprint total.

Entrance Collage

An entrance collage for Architectural Resource. 50 yr. old cold rolled steel formed channels brace reclaimed wood framing for this unique corporate signage. Distressed calcium based patina panels highlight company insignia. Founder Michael Klement’s original T-square is incorporated in the collage, providing the viewer with a piece of historical tooling associated with this architectural firm.

Moire Drip Staircase

This three-story staircase exhibits forged partition sections mated to fabricated structural members. Floating tread design and articulate joinery support each section which contain offset vertical members and forged ends that provide the viewer with the feeling of a moving or dripping staircase as they move about the room. Structural members display a grey transparent powder coat finish with exposed and blind fasteners. Partition sections are finished using a traditional hot wax process.

EAT Sign

Proposed company frontage sign utilizing 3-D fork form complimentary to standoff text with a steel construction and tri-color powder coat finish.

Condiment Table

Brushed stainless steel construction on this condiment table provides companies with a clean and simple solution to food and drink end prep. This three tiered platform with easily accessible condiment containers provide a space saving and durable solution for customer access.

Coffee Dispenser

Brushed stainless steel construction with removable upper and lower dispensing trays. Coffee varieties are viewable thru tempered glass cylinders; a fully cleanable and food safe dispenser for your favorite local café.


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