Rosie Box

Built for Hello Bully! auction to subsidize their Pit-bull rescue efforts. This box, with insert lid, houses a commemorative METAL t-shirt depicting our own shop mascot “Rosie” the Pit-Bull. Box is finished in a hammer textured powder-coat and distressed calcium based patina with blacksmith accent carry handles.

Mel the T-Rex

Fabricated from ½ inch A36 plate stock, this T-Rex sculpture imbues similar construction characteristics as the micro scale museum gift shop models, except in XL form. Commissioned for a customer’s 60th birthday gift, bone white powder coat with zinc based epoxy prime protect this beast from the elements for many years to come.

Meadowlark Sign

The corporate entrance sign for Meadowlark Builders; I-beam main with ½” plate floating center logo. Distressed chocolate brown patina finish accented by ivory powder coat center plate.


Rolled structural steel tubing support stainless spheres mosaicked in glass reminiscent of marigold flora. Pittsfield Township commissioned this site-specific sculpture as a centerpiece for the frontage gardens at the town hall.

Gabion Cage

Mini Corten gabion cage* containing matching landscape stone and address accent. A natural weathered finish was used.

* A cage or box filled with stones that historically would be used for the building of roads and erosion control but has become decorative and a point of interest in landscape architecture.

Flower Xylophone

These flower xylophones consist of four 3-D flower forms constructed of fabricated steel powder coated in colorful hues. Designed for the Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum at the University of Michigan, these musical flowers are one of five interactive components proposed to increase children’s exposure to the idea of playing with sound early in their development.


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