Palm Light

Frontage accent light for a residential property. Structural powder coated steel tubing with leaf green colored acrylic inlay panel are assembled as a geometric interpretation of a palm tree.

Grinder Table

Repurposed antique machine grinder stand with fluted leg addition. A distressed black transparent patina steel finish with white ash tabletop utilizing butterflied endcap(s) was used.

Cummins Engine Sculpture

METAL owner John Daniel Walters designed and fabricated this formalized interpretation of a Cummins 15 Liter turbo diesel engine. John used CAD design with water jet machine architecture to create this 1:1 scale model using 9 gauge steel plate. This work emulates the Moiré effect and was displayed as part of the Neo-Pastoral Exhibit at WORK•DETROIT.


10G Corten sheet formed periodical box for use in distributing the Jackson Hole Traveler in public hotspots of downtown. Stainless steel accents and tempered door glass provide year round durability and provide contrast to the natural weathered finish.

Musical Mastodon

This half-scale mastodon is constructed of fabricated steel contains hollow rib sections filled with loose media of different mesh size. Rotational in movement, users can “rattle” their way into history, all the while steering the large mammal’s vision via the kaleidoscope wheel. Designed for the Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum at the University of Michigan, these musical flowers are one of five interactive components proposed to increase children’s exposure to the idea of playing with sound early on in their development.

Floating Cabin

Single floating stair set for a micro-cabin utilizes reclaimed train track to support each of the steel treads and back plate via minimal center support. Distressed semi-transparent grey patina compliments blonde hardwood treads.


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