Jackson Hole


10G Corten sheet formed periodical box for use in distributing the Jackson Hole Traveler in public hotspots of downtown. Stainless steel accents and tempered door glass provide year round durability and provide contrast to the natural weathered finish.

Scalloped Railing

Railing design for three-story staircase set. Silicone bronze top rail with victory brown patina accent each curvilinear rail section that is blind fastened to laser cut newel posts for seamless joinery. Finished with satin black PPG urethane topcoat this staircase design provides the inner geometry of a spiral stair with the full stair feel of a more traditional rectilinear stair design.

Vent Hood Cover

Modernist vent hood surround to be used with Vent-a-Hood factory insert, countersunk fasteners, crisp joinery, and a gun bluing patina provide an aged feel with a modern aesthetic.

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