Moire Drip Staircase

This three story staircase exhibits forged partition sections mated to fabricated structural members. Floating tread design and articulate joinery support each section which contain offset vertical members and forged ends that provide the viewer with the feeling of a moving or dripping staircase as they move about the room. Structural members display a grey transparent powder coat finish with exposed and blind fasteners. Partition sections are finished using a traditional hot wax process.

Micro Kitchen

Micro kitchen with hammered copper deep-well mini-sink, faucet, and drawer pulls finished in victory brown patina and triple wax finish. Knotty elder cabinet construction houses Italian nautical appliances for a space saving, yet fully functional kitchen.

Meadowlark Sign

Corporate entrance sign for Meadowlark Builders headquarters. An I-beam main with ½” plate floating center logo. Distressed chocolate brown patina finish accented by ivory powder coat center plate.

Gabion Cage

Mini Corten gabion cage* containing matching landscape stone and address accent. A natural weathered finish was used.

*A cage or box filled with stones that historically would be used for the building of roads and erosion control but has become decorative and a point of interest in landscape architecture.


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