Ann Arbor

Palm Light

Frontage accent light for a residential property. Structural powder coated steel tubing with leaf green colored acrylic inlay panel are assembled as a geometric interpretation of a palm tree.

Entryway Mosaic

A large entrance mosaic based on the proportions of the golden mean for the offices of Architectural Resource. Vintage cold rolled steel construction coupled with distressed calcium based patina. Boxed sections are interchangeable due to golden mean proportional relationship.

Entrance Railings

The entrance railings for a quaint bungalow home. Routed steel cap rails are comfortable to hold while side mount newels reduce post corrosion and extend the life of the black satin powder coat finish.

Grinder Table

Repurposed antique machine grinder stand with fluted leg addition. A distressed black transparent patina steel finish with white ash tabletop utilizing butterflied endcap(s) was used.


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