About METAL 4

From Automobile to Zoetropes

Our custom metal shop focuses on architectural and sculptural works and has the skill to provide everything from complex mechanized designs to classic restoration services.

About METAL 2

Our Craft

As problem solvers, environmentally conscious innovators, educators, artists, and metal enthusiasts, we have inquisitive minds and a love for production. Each design is approached with the goal of constructing a long-lived object of both beauty and function.

About METAL 1

Full Service Design & Fabrication

METAL is a custom design and fabrication studio. We produce sculptural, utilitarian, architectural, and mechanical forms from both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Using traditional casting and blacksmithing methods as well as digital (CNC) processes, Claudette Jocelyn Stern and John Daniel Walters are a design and fabrication team who take the seed of an idea and encourage its fruition.

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